The Village

“The Village”: A new IG peer group for parents of gifted & 2e kids


They say it takes a village to raise a child. If you’re the parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional (2e) family, trying to navigate all the intensities, complexities, and unique needs that go along with that, chances are you need a super village! That's why soon-to-be IG Coach Kelly Pryde is starting a peer group, designed to be your super village—a safe, supportive space for parents and professionals of gifted and 2e families of all ages to reach out with questions, share their experiences—both triumphs and challenges, offer support and wisdom, and encourage others as we travel this journey together. As within InterGifted as a whole, the goal of Kelly's group is positive connection, support, and encouragement for gifted families. If this description fits you, please join us! 


The goals of The Village are to:

  • Provide a “soft place to fall” for parents who may not otherwise have one
  • Give and receive advice and support to and from other members
  • Celebrate our triumphs (and those of our kiddos)!
  • Learn and grow from one another’s experience and expertise
  • Encourage one another on the gifted journey with our families


Learn more about Kelly and join The Village on her groups page!



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