Intensity in Conversation: Webinar Series with AnaMaria Call



As gifted adults, we know we can be intense.

At parties and social events we’re no stranger to being misunderstood or misjudged. Many of us feel like we live with the frustrating choice to either be ourselves and risk scaring people off, or suppressing our intensity for the sake of a ‘normal’ conversation.

However, there’s another way.

Conversations are the best way to build the very relationships that will make room for our intensity and help us be seen for who we really are (and for what we say to be understood, finally, for what we really mean!). By adapting the way we express our intensity and by understanding our role in the positive outcome of a conversation, we can experience better, more satisfying interactions.

Sociolinguistics is a newer and rapidly-growing field of study with fascinating theories and ideas about how human communication works in the real world. There is much we can learn from how people use language to accomplish goals; create, build and even damage relationships; and express their identities. In this educational, entertaining, and highly practical course, AnaMaria Call will translate the research into the language that will help you see communication in a whole new light, and, most importantly, provide the tools that you can start using immediately to build better, stronger relationships, be it at your next family gathering, this week’s staff meeting, or even simply picking-up your dry cleaning.

In this five-part, interactive webinar series you’ll learn about:

– The Three Pillars of Interaction- the three things going on in the background that can make or break any conversation

– how your unique brand of intensities might be getting in the way of a successful interaction

– three distinct ways you can help steer a conversation successfully

You’ll also see fun examples of the academic theories on which this webinar series is based, and participate in Q&A sessions where you can share your own stories, frustrations, questions, and challenges.


AnaMaria offered a free preview webinar to InterGifted members in which she helped them map-out their overexcitabilities and the specific behaviors that may be hindering success in interactions at work and social gatherings of all types.  You can watch the recorded webinar here:

You can find the accompanying handout here: Intensity Connection Activity.

Course schedule and format:

– Group size will be limited to 8 participants per session. This will allow for maximum interaction with the instructor and each other

– Ongoing discussions and resources will also be available through the instructor’s private Facebook page.

There’ll be no rules, no do’s and dont’s, and no magic formulas. Instead, we’ll focus on research-based insights and practical actions that will help you get real results your way, in what is arguably one of the most complicated and consistently imperfect of human endeavors- the conversation.

We really hope you’ll join us for this exciting opportunity!


About AnaMaria

AnaMaria Call is a sociolinguist and heads up InterGifted’s learning initiatives, with an aim to help gifted people positively transform their lives, relationships, and personal and professional missions. Stay tuned for more courses from AnaMaria later this year.

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