Wholeness-Based Relating: A Course for Gifted People



Join IG coach Karin Eglinton on a four-part course getting to the heart of relational issues for gifted people. Many of us struggle to feel connected and to form the kind of meaningful social and romantic relationships we deeply desire. This comes as a result of multiple factors: our intensity and complexity may be misinterpreted and misunderstood; we may lack the kind of mirroring we need to understand ourselves well enough to know how and with whom we could truly connect — and more.

In this course, relational issues will be turned “inside out” as we explore the dynamics of self-relationship, and apply the tools of self-validation and non-violence to our inner worlds. With a positive self-relationship as a foundation, we will then shift our focus to the external world to explore how you can cultivate a supportive ecosystem of connection, and how to refine your relational skills so you can bridge gaps of difference with others in your life.



Dates will be determined together with the participants, to start the course around the end of June. Participants will receive reading material in advance, and some homework to prepare for each session. Sessions will run 2-3 hrs. depending on the size of the group.


Part 1: The Relationship with Self
Part 2: Cultivating our Ecosystem 
Part 3: How Connection fuels Maturity + Development
Part 4: Communication, Negotiation and Agreements


You’ll be able to sign up for stand-alone sessions or commit to all four.



For those of you who missed the course intro session, learn more about the course in the PDF wholeness-based-relating-module-overview




Sessions will take place via zoom.us.

Our fourth and final session will take place on:

November 9th at 5.30pm CET (3 spots left)


December 7th at 6pm CET (1 spot left)




Email us to sign up for the course!

About Karin Eglinton

Karin is a mentor and coach for highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted (HEPG) people. Guided by holistic and systemic principles, she supports clients in their full, emergent unfolding. She helps clients discover how they can weave the big picture of their meta-cognition into concrete, creative action, harness their potential, and thrive in the world. She is based in Germany and works with clients around the world.

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