Young Gifted Leaders Circle: A Free Support & Guidance Circle for Gifted Teens, led by Jennifer Harvey Sallin

About the Young Gifted Leaders Circle 

This circle, led by our founding director Jennifer Harvey Sallin, is dedicated to supporting and guiding young gifted people who are taking a leadership position in climate and ecological work, advocacy and activism.

Along with her work founding and directing InterGifted, Jennifer is a psychologist, coach, trainer and mentor who specializes in supporting gifted people and training gifted leaders. She brings two decades of experience in personal and professional development, leadership development, and professional training. In recent years, she has expanded her work to include leadership and leadership development in the climate and ecological domain. In parallel with her leadership training course for gifted adults, she is opening this free support and guidance circle for gifted youth who are actively engaging in leadership in our changing world. You can learn more about Jennifer's profile and work here.

The Leaders Circle will meet on zoom on a regular basis (once every 6 weeks or as fits the group), and will include age-appropriate discussions on youth leadership development, transmuting difficult emotions into powerful action, using our gifts for change, advocacy and activism framing, group brainstorming and support, and other ways for creating sustainable and effective climate and ecological leadership. Jennifer will lead these discussions, providing resources and support as the themes arise. We will also have talks and involvement from various gifted adult leaders engaged in climate and ecological leadership, advocacy and activism. This will be an excellent opportunity for gifted teens taking a leadership role to be able to support one another and collaborate together to amplify each others' gifts and voices.

Requirements for participation

This circle is free to participate in and open to gifted teens around the world. Age recommendation is 12-19, but younger kids will be accepted if their parents agree that they are emotionally ready to engage in these themes and this format. Other requirements include:

  • that the teen is in an emotionally stable place (if in crisis; if dealing with issues of rage, depression or other serious mental health concerns; if too scared to open up to a group online, then therapeutic support is recommended as a first step)
  • that the teen is engaging in climate and ecological leadership, advocacy and activism primarily from a place of love and care for the earth (though anger is an important motivating factor for all of us engaged in climate leadership, if love and care is not the primary motivation for engagement, this circle will not be a good fit)
  • that the teen is ready and able to share their experiences, listen to and support the experiences of others, and engage in reciprocal participation

Inquire about joining

Gifted teens who are interested in joining this circle should email Jennifer with details about their work so far in climate and ecological advocacy/activism and their motivations for joining our circle.


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