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Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Jen is IG's founder and director. She is a psychologist, coach, and writer whose work is dedicated to supporting gifted people in their self-development. She coaches and mentors highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted people around the world, and mentors other professionals who support gifted adults and kids. 

Jen is particularly passionate about helping gifted people on the path to self-actualization, and you can read more about that here. After seeing so many of her gifted clients feeling alone and disconnected, she created InterGifted to allow gifted people to socially engage in meaningful ways. Since its inception in 2015, InterGifted has served over 1,000 gifted people around the world via specialized coaching, mentoring, online workshops, peer groups, literature, and our wonderful supportive community. InterGifted is all about authenticity and growth - learn more about why Jen started InterGifted here

She's working on a few books on giftedness now, and writes regularly for InterGifted's blog and her own Rediscovering Yourself blog. Jen wants to help gifted people understand how their unique minds work, so that they can create meaningful relationships, work, and self-compassion. She's had to work hard in her own life to create these things for herself, and knows how much support it takes. Read a bit about her journey here.

Want to connect with Jen? Consider coaching or mentoring, joining our InterGifted support community, or her Highly, Exceptionally & Profoundly Gifted peer group. Reach out anytime. For a more complete bio, visit her coaching page at Rediscovering Yourself.





Aurélien Sallin

Aurélien is Jen's husband. He's a philosophy and economics student, and supports Jen and InterGifted in strategic planning, the coordination of the InterGifted Coaching Network, and our social media presence. He also connects with members via his After Religion group





Sandra Pfluger

Sandra Pfluger

Sandra collaborates with Jen via both InterGifted and Rediscovering Yourself. She's a life and career coach, and she supports InterGifted's mission development as an organization. She also connects with IG members as a coach in IG's Gifted Coaching Network.




Seán O'Connell, WordPress specialist and founder of WP Strands, supports InterGifted's website maintenance and improvement.