Intrepid Integrity 

Starting in 2017, Silver Huang and InterGifted have partnered together to run an authenticity incubator for gifted adults.

It's a 12-week program for dedicated 12 adults who want to explore their authentic expression as a gifted person, via writing or creative expression, in the safety of a closed, committed cohort. The program includes a community forum, a personalized online creative-expression 'workshop' space, group coaching sessions, plenty of interaction between members (feedback, encouragement, mirroring), and dedicated facilitation, guidance, and mentoring from Silver.

Our next cohort begins on November 5, 2018. Visit to sign up or to schedule a free 45-minute exploratory chat with Silver. Follow Intrepid Integrity on Facebook and Instagram at @intrepidintegrity.



Gifted Mindfulness Collective

Starting January 2019, Kelly Pryde and InterGifted will be bringing you The Gifted Mindfulness Collective: a new series of mindfulness-based courses, practice spaces, and events to support gifted adults in gaining insight into and transforming their unique inner experience via open-hearted community.

Stay tuned here for upcoming events with Kelly leading up to our launch, and follow our journey at on Instagram at giftedmindfulness.