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I’m twice-exceptional – gifted and autistic. I spent most of my life feeling ashamed of the way my mind worked and trying so hard to make it fit into the mould of what people expected of me. At the age of forty, I found InterGifted and started coaching with Jen. She understood me more in just a couple conversations than anyone had in my whole life, even my closest friends and family. In coaching with Jen, I finally understood that I am a meta-thinker, and that this makes my mental process very different than the norm (even more different than I already thought, considering my autism). I have known about my autism much longer than I have known about my giftedness, so now I have a lot of knowledge to integrate. But I feel very hopeful for the first time in a long time, as now I can evaluate my true potential and build upon it, rather than continuing to try to be something I’m not or fulfill others’ ideas of my potential. I am reaching a level of self-acceptance and hope through coaching that I never thought was possible for me. Thank you Jen!