Jen was the first coach I ever worked with that I paid for myself and wasn’t work related. I interviewed 4 different coaches and agonized before making a final decision. Jen’s approach, intelligence and empathy was astounding. I felt an immediate connection and she helped me explore concepts that uncovered deeply buried patterns that were impacting my personal and professional life. The coaching she provided has had a lasting and tangible effect and has led to me to explore areas such as meditation, spirituality and how my use of negative words was impacting me.
Beyond our scheduled calls, Jen was incredibly accessible via email and Skype providing me with quick hit perspectives on occasion.  Months after our sessions I continue to return to my notes and the articles she shared with me and always seem to uncover new insights, ideas, and techniques I can use to improve my life. I can’t speak highly enough of her coaching style, intelligence, and knowledge.
I was also lucky to help Jen get IG off the ground – our discussions about IG’s potential were thrilling and I loved the opportunity to help launch the original site.