Starting October 2019

As a gifted person, your mind is often very busy with many simultaneous ideas, intense emotions, and questions to answer. You'd love some tools to manage your intensity and complexity, but you've found traditional approaches to mindfulness haven't fully met your unique needs. This course will give you gifted-specific support, techniques and tools to better handle your unique challenges, help you develop the foundation for a personal practice, as well as cultivate a new relationship with your gifted self. Think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”!

The Program

This is an immersive 6-week live online course starting in late October 2019 led by Kelly Pryde with up to 10 participants from around the world.

Live Weekly Sessions

We meet as a group for 2 - 2.5 hours each week (typically on Saturdays with specific dates + times to be determined with participants) where gifted-specific content is explored, tools + techniques are introduced and practiced, and discussion + connection with gifted peers is held. We meet on the Zoom.us video conferencing platform (you may use audio only if you prefer).

Between Session Support + Guidance

After each session, you will receive a link to download a guided audio version of the meditation practice from that week’s meeting so you can continue to cultivate your practice throughout the week. Between sessions, Kelly will also offer two live meditations each week (guided + unguided) to deepen your practice and test out concepts from the course. You can join these live or tune in to the recording at your convenience.

During the 6 weeks, you will have free access to a private online community moderated by Kelly to ask questions, share reflections, get support for your practice, and continue connection with your peers.

And beginning in Week 2 through to the end of Week 5, Kelly will hold “office hours” for anyone who would like one-on-one support with their practice.

​In order to ensure a personalized, interactive experience, space is limited to 10 participants. This course is content-, practice- and insight-rich and has been transformative for many of our participants (see what past participants have said here).


Themes covered in the course
  • Understanding mindfulness within the context of the gifted brain
  • Learning core techniques for strengthening attention + inner stability and disentangling intensity
  • Working skillfully with difficult feelings common to gifted people using core techniques and somatic experiencing
  • Cultivating wise compassion for self and sustainable compassion for others
  • (Re)discovering intimacy with and authenticity of the gifted self
  • Cultivating positive mind states that foster creativity, flow and intuition



Early Registration Rate (before September 30, 2019)

  • 845 USD

Registration Rate (after September 30, 2019)

  • 895 USD


*Note: Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate. This course is trauma-informed and complements (but does not replace) psychotherapy, counselling, or medical care for mental health issues or trauma recovery. Please discuss this course with your health care provider before registering.

Have Questions?

If you have questions, you can email us anytime at connect@giftedmindfulness.com If would like to explore how this course would be relevant for you personally, Kelly will be scheduling free 30-minute exploratory chats in September and early October (you can email her to inquire about scheduling a chat).


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Date TBD


Many gifted and twice-/multi-exceptional people are using meditation as a way of managing their overexcitabilities, getting to know their unique minds, and finding more wisdom, authenticity, and joy in the gifted experience. For beginners, however, the field of meditation and mindfulness can be quite confusing ― mindfulness has become a buzz-word used in a variety of ways; there’s a myriad of meditation apps, courses, and traditions to choose from; and many approaches do not provide the framework, mirroring, and depth/breadth of information that most gifted people need for their unique understanding and experience.
This is a 2.5 - 3 hour workshop led by Kelly Pryde for gifted adults who want to learn basic meditation techniques and mindfulness theory in a gifted-relevant way ― what mindfulness is, how to practice it (safely) and develop core skills using versatile techniques, as well as how it can support your unique inner experience as a gifted
person. Within a group of gifted peers, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, share, and explore mindfulness meditation as it relates to the gifted experience.
Themes include:
  • Understanding mindfulness theory and skills as they relate to giftedness
  • Learning core meditation techniques and how they transform common gifted challenges ― personally, such as hyper-/hypo-focus, non-stop thinking, and overwhelming emotions, as well as relationally
  • Gaining insight into and acceptance of the unique workings of your gifted mind
  • Identifying common gifted challenges and opportunities in meditation, as well as ways to customize your personal practice
Who is the workshop for?
The workshop is designed for adults who identify as gifted or twice-/multi-exceptional (you don’t need proof of IQ to participate), and are interested in beginning a meditation practice, developing a more comprehensive framework for mindfulness meditation, and/or understanding mindfulness as it relates to giftedness.
The Primer workshop is ideal for those who would like to participate in our Gifted Sesshin retreats or Embodied Mindfulness for Gifted Adults course, but don’t have basic training in meditation. It’s also a great way to “dip your toes in” to gifted mindfulness before committing to our 6-week immersive Foundations course.*
*The core techniques taught in the Primer workshop are the same techniques taught in the first 2 weeks of the Foundations course (minus the teachings on neurobiology, the gifted brain, and deconstructing gifted intensity). Those who complete the Primer workshop and want to delve in further via the 6-week Foundations course, can apply $50 USD from the cost of the Primer workshop to the Foundations course fee).
Cost + Logistics
In order to ensure a personalized, interactive experience, space is limited to 10 participants. Once we have a full group, we will schedule the workshop according to participant availability. We will meet on the Zoom.us video conferencing platform (you may use audio only if you prefer) for 2.5 – 3 hours. The cost for this workshop is 185 USD.
Kelly also offers gifted mindfulness coaching and mentoring on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her, you can email her at connect@giftedmindfulness.com.

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About Kelly Pryde, Ph.D.

Kelly is a neuropsychologist, coach and mentor specializing in giftedness and mindfulness-based approaches to living well with intensity. She lives in Canada and works with people of all ages to help them support their unique inner experience and thrive. Kelly is the founder of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective ― an InterGifted partner project. Feel free to get in touch with her to schedule a session!


Starting November 2019

This 6-month group course with Marion Kee addresses the challenges and opportunities that come with being a gifted multipotentialite. Being a person with a fast mind, extreme curiosity, and lots of areas of skill and passion brings its own unique flavor to life and can be challenging in careers, school, relationships and even for self-image. This is due to being in a world where being a multipotentialite can be misunderstood as "lacking focus", "being unable to choose one thing", or other such judgments. This course explores these issues and tackles them one by one, in the setting of a group of peers (and a facilitator) who all know exactly what it's like to struggle and to want to thrive as a gifted multipotentialite. Sessions are scheduled monthly according to participant availability and last between 2.5 and 3 hours. Each session incorporates a reading-in-advance and a Q&A/group discussion based on that session's theme. The atmosphere is a cooperative, engaged group of dedicated individuals excited to make progress in their lives.

Themes covered in the course:
  • Understanding multipotentiality (looking at the research, resources on giftedness and creativity)
  • Career/job/school issues as a gifted multipotentialite; expectations, achievement and moving on
  • The challenges of multipotentiality in relationships and family life; communication and negotiation
  • Keeping a positive self-image in a world that doesn’t necessarily understand the gifted multipotential path and value; understanding our needs, honoring and accommodating the drive to develop
  • Envisioning and shaping a balanced and fulfilling life as a gifted multipotentialite
  • Next steps, practical considerations, planning for ongoing support, suggestions for further reading
Dates & Cost:

The next group will start sometime around October or November 2019, based on participant availability, and is limited to six participants (we still have a few spots left). Cost is 200 USD per session (6 sessions total).

Marion also offers coaching and mentoring for gifted multipotentialites on an individual basis, and you can email her if you're interested in exploring the possibilities.

Email Marion to Register for the Group


About Marion Kee

Marion is a profoundly gifted multipotentialite who has worked in a variety of fields throughout her professional life including research computer science and teaching philosophy in academia - always with writing and music having strong place in her life. As an InterGifted coach and mentor, she now supports other gifted youth and adults who are building or navigating their own creative careers and unique life mosaic. She is based in the US and works with clients all over the world.



Email us to get on the waiting list for future offerings



There are two versions of this course with InterGifted founder and director Jennifer Harvey Sallin: a 12-session version for coaches or to-be coaches who are not trained in psychology, and a 6-session version for psychologists, psychiatrists and other professionals already trained in basic psychology. The aim of both courses is to provide helping professionals with the knowledge necessary to help your gifted clients. Sessions are monthly and include modules and homework; a certificate is provided at completion.


This course is for coaches or to-be coaches who are not trained in psychology. In 12 sessions, we cover the following themes, all from a gifted-specific point of view:

  • The Benefits of and Difference Between Coaching, Mentoring + Therapy for Gifted Individuals
  • The Gifted Brain, Giftedness Identification & Levels, Twice- and Multi-Exceptionality
  • Recognizing Psychopathology Misdiagnosis in Gifted Clients
  • Personality Development Models, including Dabrowski's Theory of Positive Disintegration
  • Trauma + Trauma Healing, including Gifted-Specific Trauma
  • Family Dynamics + Relationships, including Giftedness in Families
  • Common Therapeutic Models & Therapeutic Dynamics
  • Personal + Spiritual Development
  • Career Psychology, including Common Gifted & Multipotentialite Dilemmas
  • Positive Psychology + Promoting Mental Health


This course is for psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, social workers or any helping professional who already has training in at-least basic psychology or a related field. In 6 sessions, it focuses in on these gifted-specific themes:

Recognizing giftedness in clients
  • How to recognize and evaluate giftedness, giftedness levels, and unique giftedness profiles
  • How to bring up and address giftedness with a client
  • How to overcome resistance to the idea
  • Resources for client self-discovery inside and outside of therapy
Most common problem areas for gifted clients
  • Social troubles
  • Lack of peers
  • Lack of recognition
  • Romantic relational troubles
  • Trauma / Complex Trauma
  • Twice-exceptionality, Misdiagnoses + most common gifted/psychopathology overlaps
  • How to best guide and support + resources
Therapeutic dynamics with gifted clients
  • How to fully engage with gifted clients
  • How to handle the overexcitabilities and intensity in sessions
  • How to handle differences in giftedness levels between psychologist and client
  • How to have good boundaries and when to use self-disclosure with gifted clients
  • How to work with client when the psychologist is triggered by his/her own gifted issues
  • When to see breakdown as positive disintegration, and when to see it as "clinical"; how to best help in both cases
Therapeutic logistics
  • How therapy, coaching and mentoring can all help a gifted client, and when each is appropriate
  • Common therapeutic trajectories for clients and how to help them transition from therapy to other forms of support
  • Client drop out and how to maintain engagement
Gifted personal & career development
  • Common gifted career dilemmas and how to approach them
  • Helpful resources for gifted career exploration
  • Giftedness and creativity
  • Giftedness and spirituality/religion
  • Tools of positive psychology for gifted self-development
Understanding & working with special populations
  • Children, teens & adults
  • Elderly
  • Prison populations
  • LGBTQ+
  • Twice-exceptional clients


There is also an individual-study option for both of these courses which includes individualized mentoring for where you are in your therapeutic or coaching practice. There is currently a waiting list for these sessions, but you can email Jen to express your interest and get on her wait list. You can also email her to get on the wait list for an upcoming course.

About Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Jennifer is founding director of InterGifted and is a psychologist, coach and mentor who specializes in providing training and mentoring for gifted coaches and other helping professionals who support the gifted; in performing giftedness assessments; and in mentoring profoundly gifted adults. She writes extensively on giftedness and self-development and you can find her articles here on InterGifted’s blog and on her own blog at Rediscovering Yourself. She is based in Switzerland and works with gifted adults throughout the world. Learn more about Jen here.


This workshop with InterGifted coach and community leader Karin Eglinton is all about taking inventory of and legitimizing your gifted needs. Since gifted people are often told that their standards are too high and unrealistic by others who don't understand that gifted people have uncommon needs, this may lead them to deny or judge their own needs and try to live without getting them met. In addition to the material presented, there's an emphasis on interaction and learning through each other's experiences. These sessions hold rich, thoughtful and insightful discussions with your gifted peers and have sparked major insights and life changes for many of our participants.


This workshop helps you look at:

  • how your gifted-specific needs have been minimized or unmet by others (and maybe sometimes yourself!)
  • how you can get a better understanding of these uncommon needs
  • how you can get these uncommon needs met in a non-gifted dominant world
  • how you can better communicate your gifted needs so that others can respond in positive ways.

Karin also offers gifted needs legitimization coaching & support for gifted people on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her, or getting on the wait list for our next offering of this workshop, email her.



This four-part course with InterGifted Coach & Mentor gets to the heart of relational issues for gifted people. Many of us struggle to feel connected and to form the kind of meaningful social and romantic relationships we deeply desire. This comes as a result of multiple factors: our intensity and complexity may be misinterpreted and misunderstood and we may lack the kind of mirroring we need to understand ourselves well enough to know how and with whom we could truly connect. In this course, relational issues will be turned “inside out” as we explore the dynamics of self-relationship, and apply the tools of self-validation and non-violence to our inner worlds. With a positive self-relationship as a foundation, we then shift our focus to the external world to explore how you can cultivate a supportive ecosystem of connection, and how to refine your relational skills so you can bridge gaps of difference with others in your life. Learn more about the course in the course overview: wholeness-based-relating-module-overview


Part 1: The Relationship with Self
Part 2: Cultivating our Relational Ecosystem
Part 3: How Connection Fuels Maturity + Development
Part 4: Communication, Negotiation and Agreements

Karin is also available for individualized coaching and mentoring for gifted adults working on relational issues and building up their self-validation and relational skills, so if you'd be interested in exploring either joining her next course or working with her in private coaching, email us!

About Karin Eglinton

Karin is a mentor, coach and teacher for gifted adolescents and adults. Guided by holistic and systemic principles, she supports her clients in their full, emergent unfolding. In individual sessions, courses and workshops, she helps clients and students discover how they can weave the gifted cognition into concrete, creative action, harness their potential, and thrive in the world. She is based in Germany and works with clients around the world.



This course is for gifted adults who want to learn mindfulness-based body integrative approaches to support their intensities as well as their personal growth + healing. Toxic stress, trauma, unsupported intensities, and challenging upbringings can overwhelm our sensitive nervous systems as gifted people, leaving us feeling anxious, overly protective, and/or disconnected from our bodies. Supporting our intensities and being able to hold the fullness of our gifted selves requires (re)integrating and (re)sourcing both the gifted mind + body. This course will provide you with gifted-specific insights and practical tools for reconnecting your mind-body, dealing with toxic stress + trauma, and feeling more grounded, regulated, and confident to channel your gifted intensities in authentic ways. This is a 4-week online course (four 90-minute sessions). Sessions will include thematic discussions, experiential exercises, 10 mindfulness-based tools for self-resourcing, and connection with gifted peers. Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate although is recommended to get the most out of the tools taught in this course. The Mindfulness for Gifted People: Foundations course (see above) provides the fundamental skills and knowledge to support the Embodied Mindfulness Course.
  • Resourcing strategies for supporting overexcitabilities and the healing of gifted shame + trauma
  • Understanding the neurobiology of the gifted mind-body connection
  • Harnessing your innate capacity for growth, healing and wholeness
  • Developing embodied boundaries; feeling more grounded and self aware to navigate relational challenges common to gifted people
  • Cultivating embodied intuition along with deeper joy and authenticity of gifted living

Kelly also offers mindfulness coaching & support for gifted people on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her or getting on the wait list for our next offering of this course, email Kelly.

About Kelly Pryde, Ph.D.

Kelly is a neuropsychologist, coach and mentor specializing in giftedness and mindfulness-based approaches to living well with intensity. She lives in Canada and works with people of all ages to help them support their unique inner experience and thrive. Kelly is the founder of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective ― an InterGifted partner project. Feel free to get in touch with her to schedule a session!


The workshop is aimed at people who want to explore writing as a gifted individual. People who have a secret writing dream that has been gathering dust, and who’d like to develop their unique, gifted writing voice and touch readers in a truthful and authentic way. In the course of the workshop and depending how much time they can commit, each participant will embark on a writing adventure. In the online sessions, we will discuss these projects and give mutual, constructive feedback on each other’s texts. Additionally, we’ll discuss a number of selected topics. And in between sessions, there will be additional tips, guidance, and exercises. Writing is a craft. It takes practice and patience, countless rewrites, and many, many hours alone at your computer. Having a group of gifted peer writers who get you and how your unusual mind works, who give you inspiration and feedback, and who push you to meet deadlines is an invaluable part of the process.

Themes include
  • Understanding the writing process for gifted people
  • Developing a unique, truthful writer’s voice
  • Finding inspiration, everywhere
  • Experimenting with structure, language, style, and perspective
  • Selecting one’s readers and communicating with them
  • Submitting writing to a public, including autobiographic writing
  • Giving & receiving constructive feedback

Jan also offers writing support for gifted writers on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with him or to get on the waiting list for the next offering of this course, email us.

About Jan Provoost 

Jan is highly gifted, an introverted multipotentialite who has writing and reading among his many passions. As a professional science writer, he reports on technological advances in such varied domains as artificial intelligence, neuro-electronics and solar cells. In private, his writing and reading also include mystery and beauty, the past and future, autobiography and memory, the color blue, and more. He's currently working toward becoming a public speaker and climate change activist. As an InterGifted Writing Coach, he supports gifted writers to develop their content and unique writing voice. Jan is based in Leuven, Belgium and works with writers all over the world. Feel free to reach out!



Read more participants' feedback here!