Unraveling Gifted Conflict – Open Q&A with Kelly Pryde

Join us for an Open Q&A with Kelly Pryde, September 17-21. In celebration of World Peace Day, we’ll be exploring what makes “gifted conflicts” different, and how you can cultivate conditions of inner and outer peace by unraveling the gifted conflicts in your life with clarity and intention. … Read More

Existential Crises & Gifted Resilience – an open Q&A with Richard Edelman

  JOIN OUR OPEN Q&A with InterGifted mentor Richard Edelman on our public Facebook page this week, July 3 through July 6.   Questions of meaning and existential crises are all common to the gifted experience. How can you use your gifted resilience to respond to the call for meaning? You are invited to ask Richard anything that’s on your mind about your own search for meaning, existential questions and crises or … Read More