Embodied Mindfulness for Gifted People – Course starting in June 2019


With: Kelly Pryde, InterGifted Coach & Mentor & Founder of The Gifted Mindfulness Collective

When & Where: June 2019; on zoom.us

How often: 4 sessions, once a week (dates/times determined with participants)

Spots available: 12

Session length: 1.5 hours per session

Cost: 350 USD total

Toxic stress, trauma, unsupported intensities, and challenging upbringings can overwhelm our sensitive nervous systems as gifted people, leaving us feeling anxious, overly protective, and/or disconnected from our bodies. Supporting our intensities and being able to hold the fullness of our gifted selves requires (re)integrating and (re)sourcing both the gifted mind + body.

This course will provide you with gifted-specific insights and practical tools for reconnecting your mind-body, dealing with toxic stress + trauma, and feeling more grounded, regulated, and confident to channel your gifted intensities in authentic ways. 

The Program

This will be a 4-week online course (four 90-minute sessions) led by Kelly Pryde. We will meet on the Zoom.us platform in a safe, compassionate space. Sessions will include thematic discussions, experiential exercises, 10 mindfulness-based tools for self-resourcing, and connection with gifted peers.

  • Resourcing strategies for supporting overexcitabilities and the healing of gifted shame + trauma

  • Understanding the neurobiology of the gifted mind-body connection

  • Harnessing your innate capacity for growth, healing and wholeness 

  • Developing embodied boundaries; feeling more grounded and self aware to navigate relational challenges common to gifted people

  • Cultivating embodied intuition along with deeper joy and authenticity of gifted living

​Date & Cost 

Coming in June 2019, cost 350 USD total


Previous mindfulness experience is not required to participate although is recommended to get the most out of the tools taught in this course. The Mindfulness for Gifted People: Foundations course provides the fundamental skills and knowledge to support this program.

This course complements (but does not replace) psychotherapy, counselling, or medical care for mental health issues or trauma recovery. Please discuss this course with your health care provider before registering.

Have Questions?

If you have questions and/or would like to know more about this course, please don't hesitate to contact Kelly.

Kelly also offers mindfulness coaching & support for gifted people on an individual basis. If you're interested in exploring the possibilities with her or getting on the wait list for our next offering of this course, email us.

Email Kelly to register!



Kelly is a neuropsychologist, coach and mentor specializing in giftedness and mindfulness-based approaches to living well with intensity. She lives in Canada and works with people of all ages to help them support their unique inner experience and thrive. Kelly is the founder of the Gifted Mindfulness Collective ― an InterGifted partner project. Feel free to get in touch with her to schedule a session!

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