Gifted Psychology 101: A New Course for Coaches & Psychologists – Starting January 11th



with Jennifer Harvey Sallin


If you are you a coach or psychologist (or planning to become one), and you'd like to be well-equipped to serve gifted clients, Jennifer Harvey Sallin is offering a course you may benefit from. The course covers the following topics, all gifted-specific:

  • Coaching, Mentoring + Therapy for Gifted Individuals
  • The Gifted Brain + Identification + Twice Exceptionality
  • Psychopathology
  • Personality Development Models
  • Trauma + Trauma Healing
  • Family Dynamics + Relationships
  • Common Therapeutic Models
  • Therapeutic Dynamics
  • Personal + Spiritual Development
  • Career Psychology
  • Positive Psychology + Promoting Mental Health

The course for psychologists is a shortened version of the above, focusing only on the gifted aspects and not covering the more basic psychology aspects. The coaches' course has 12 once-a-month sessions, and the psychologists' course has 6 once-a-month sessions. 

Cost of each session (12 or 6 sessions, respectively) is around 125 Swiss Francs, depending on group size. The coaches' course will start on January 11th, and the psychologists' course is now being scheduled around participants' availabilities. 


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About Jennifer Harvey Sallin

Jennifer is the founder of InterGifted and is a mentor and coach for gifted people. She specializes in mentoring and coaching highly, exceptionally and profoundly gifted adults. She also provides training and mentoring for gifted coaches and writes extensively on giftedness and self-development. You can find her articles here on IG’s blog and on her own blog at Rediscovering Yourself. She is happy to consult with you or connect you to our coaches in InterGifted’s Coaching Network. Feel free to reach out!

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