Writers Masterclass: Gifted Advocacy, with Jan Provoost — starting December 2021


Starting in December 2021 with Jan Provoost

You yearn to voice your experience and opinion to a gifted or general public, through articles, b/vlogs, social media posts, or – why not – a book? You’d like to bolster your unique, gifted writing voice and touch readers in a truthful and authentic way. You’d want to develop your writing for advocacy and leadership? Then this masterclass is definitely for you!

In the course of the sessions and depending how much time you can commit, you will embark on a writing adventure. In the online sessions, we will discuss our projects and give mutual, constructive feedback on each other’s texts. Additionally, we’ll discuss a number of selected topics. And in between sessions, there will be loads of tips, guidance and exercises.

Themes will include:

  • Understanding your gifted writing process
  • Developing a unique, truthful writer’s voice
  • Finding inspiration, everywhere
  • Experimenting with structure, language, style, and perspective
  • Selecting one’s readers and communicating with them
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Daring to submit your writing to a public, including your autobiographic writing

Important: the language we use to communicate in the masterclass is English, but the language in which you write may also be French, German or Dutch.

Practically: we’ll start the class in December 2021. There will be six sessions, spread out depending on the participants’ agenda. Your investment is 595 euro for the full masterclass plus – of course – your best effort and time. It will be worth every mile of the way!

To express your interest in joining this course, email Jan with your background and motivations for joining. Jan also offers writing support for gifted writers on an individual basis; you can email him to express interest in exploring the possibilities with him.

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