Improv Comedy Group, with Gordon Smith & Lisa Bany – starting early 2021



We're excited to bring you a new gifted self-development and connect experience in 2021 - our new Improv Comedy Group! This group is offered in collaboration with gifted therapist Gordon Smith of Gifted and Growing, and Lisa Bany, who is an author, comedian and instructor at The Second City Comedy and Chief Improv Officer of Improv Therapy Group.

This group offers a four-week experience in which we will come together (on zoom) with our gifted peers in a spirit of creative play and exploration. Through a series of improv themes - communication, being present, embracing imperfection, and cognitive flexibility - we practice spontaneous group creativity. Improv is the Art of "Yes, And". It gives us a chance to explore parts of ourselves, our minds, and our connections and relationships that we might, in more typical social situations, forget about or decide not to acknowledge or express. Improv is an excellent practice for rediscovering playfulness and openness to serendipity, for developing camaraderie and co-creativity with our fellow gifted peers, and for inspiring ourselves and our peers to fuller and more authentic self-expression.

We will start with a series of four facilitated sessions, which will each have a series of group improv exercises designed around the session's theme.

Session 1. Magic words -- improv for acknowledging the realities of others, letting ideas be heard, and encouraging spontaneous and exploratory expression
Session 2. In the now -- improv for active listening and reacting in the moment
Session 3. Perfect is boring -- improv for letting go of being right and in control, and enjoying what is imperfectly created
Session 4. Brain yoga -- improv for challenging our habitual ways of thinking and opening up new cognitive pathways

We will be hosting a gifted adults group and a gifted teens group (12 participants per group). Our adult group is now full, however we are taking names on a waitlist for a second group later in the year; we still have 10 spots available in our teens group. Scheduling is determined based on participant availability. For participants who are interested and motivated, we will continue with second series of four sessions when the first round is complete.

Cost is 55 USD per session / 220 USD in total.

To get on our registration waitlist, email us at

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