Intrepid Integrity Live Q&A Series

Intrepid Integrity is launching its second group in November! In celebration of and preparation for the launch, Silver invites you all to join her over the next three months for three free live group video Q&As, one per month, where she will be taking your questions and facilitating an open discussion about your experiences and challenges with integrity and authenticity as gifted and twice- or multi-exceptional adults.… Read More

Existential Crises & Gifted Resilience – an open Q&A with Richard Edelman

  JOIN OUR OPEN Q&A with InterGifted mentor Richard Edelman on our public Facebook page this week, July 3 through July 6.   Questions of meaning and existential crises are all common to the gifted experience. How can you use your gifted resilience to respond to the call for meaning? You are invited to ask Richard anything that’s on your mind about your own search for meaning, existential questions and crises or … Read More

Wholeness-Based Relating: A Course for Gifted People

Join IG coach Karin Eglinton on a new four-part course getting to the heart of relational issues for gifted people. Many gifted people struggle to feel connected and to form the kind of meaningful social and romantic relationships we deeply desire. In this course, relational issues will be turned “inside out” as we explore the dynamics of self-relationship and then shift our focus to the external world to explore how you can cultivate a supportive ecosystem of connection, and how to refine your relational skills so you can bridge gaps of difference with others in your life.

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Being Me: Reflections on the Gifted Person’s Path to Authenticity – a new ebook from InterGifted’s Community

Our second IG community writing/expression compilation is here! Being Me: Reflections on the Gifted Person’s Path to Authenticity was just published. You can purchase your copy here below or at our Bookshop. A big thank you to all our members who contributed, and for the wonderful community experience and resulting work of art.   About Being Me Authentic self-expression can feel like an enigma to a gifted or twice-exceptional person. How and … Read More

GiftedxAutistic – Workshop with Silver Huang coming in February

Our next offering of Silver Huang’s GiftedxAutistic workshop is now being scheduled for February! This upcoming workshop will be focused on the “female autistic profile”: the unique challenges, strengths and opportunities of gifted women (by “female” we are specifically referring to individuals who are female assigned at birth (FAAB), regardless of gender or sexual identity), who are also autistic. Join us!… Read More

Mindfulness for Gifted People – An Online Course with Kelly Pryde – Starting January 26th

Kelly Pryde is now scheduling our second of this wonderful 4-session course! This course gives you gifted-specific support to help you build the foundation for developing a personal practice of mindfulness, as well as provide you the tools to better handle your overexcitabilities, non-stop mind, and difficult emotions such as shame, anger, and anxiety. It will help you cultivate a new relationship with yourself based on kindness and compassion rather than judgment and criticism. Think of it as “Gifted Self-Care 2.0”!… Read More

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