Event: Gifted Management Review

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Are you a manager? Would you like to learn how to better manage your gifted employees? IG founder Jen and IG Advisor Joe are working on a management training, to give you better insight into working with gifted employees. In this first meeting, they’ll do a brief overview to collect insights from the group. This is an open call in which Joe will present a 20-30 minute overview of the materials, then … Read More

New Group Forming: Gifted Artists’ Group

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IG Artists’ Curator Ashraf Osman is forming a Gifted Artists’ Group. As Ashraf says, art is a challenging domain for anyone, but for gifted people it is especially demanding: gifted artists are often proficient in other more conventional domains, and given social pressures and expectations, end up prioritizing the them. And the need to express and explore creatively often remains frustrated. This is why Ashraf is forming this group: to help the artists … Read More

IG Coaching Network Talk: Jennifer Harvey Sallin on Giftedness and Romantic Relationships – Recording Now Available

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Giftedness & Romantic Relationships Hosted by: Jennifer Harvey Sallin When: December 3rd, 2015 at 6.00pm Central European Time Find the talk handout here. Romantic relationships can be a mix of challenging, frustrating and beautiful, regardless of whether you or your partner are gifted. But giftedness in relationships and dating adds a level of complexity to communicating, connecting and co-creating, which can be the source of even more challenges and frustrations (and potentially, … Read More

New Group Forming: What Comes After Religion?

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Aurélien Sallin has formed a group for those who are in the process of giving up or have already given up religion, and who feel the need to discuss their mixed feelings of guilt and freedom together with gifted peers facing the same questions. He asks: What does it feel like when we abandon a certain set of religious beliefs? What triggers a decision to free ourselves from such beliefs? How … Read More

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